Hash Brown Ham and Cheese Egg Cups

Hash brown ham and cheese egg cups 00008

Breakfast is my most favorite meal. Most days i do not have time to prevent for a full sit down breakfast. But, once I do have the time, i would like something specialized and filling. i would like an area to take a seat and luxuriate in my food. I can enjoy burritos, sausage, ham, onions, peppers and mushrooms, eggs and much of cheese. Add of these things together and it becomes one wonderful omelet. And, if i’m really hungry, i’d add some Country Fried Steak, cooked good . Sounds good?

I really like checking out fun and yummy places in South Bend , Indiana. an area with roomy tables, friendly servers and table cloths. an area that creates the simplest hash browns and pancakes. Still sound good?

How about the times i do know i can not have all that basically good food and need to have something low cal and low carb? consider an omelet made with not numerous egg yolks and every one the veggies i would like . Add a touch sausage or ham and that i even have the proper amount of protein i want to urge my time off to an excellent start. Sound even better?

Ok, we’ve breakfast covered, what about lunch? Some days i want to dine out for lunch and if, just if I did not have an enormous breakfast, i actually want to experiment for lunch. i prefer burgers with jalapeno bacon, salad with grilled chicken on top, then there’s the fish and fries that just make my day. what’s your favorite sandwich, maybe a turkey wrap or philly steak? you’ll have your pick at Allie’s Café in South Bend , Indiana. There staff is simply waiting to serve you for breakfast or lunch.

Give Allie’s Café a attempt to when lunch is over add a fresh baked pie and a cup of coffee to end it off. If you’re trying to find an excellent caterer, give Allie’s a call, they’re going to assist you plan your next special event.