50+ beautiful gallery wall decor ideas to show sweet memory 00042

I had known for awhile that I wanted a gallery wall somewhere in our home to display family pics. Gallery walls are a perfect solution for all of these awkward spaces. I have a real soft spot for black and white photography. Its timeless and classy and works so well in this modern home found on Elle Decor. Black and white photos are an excellent choice for a gallery wall because they are cohesive and look great in a grouping.

Case in point, our living room makeover I talked about a few weeks back. With a gallery wall, you become the designer and art curator. A beautiful mash up of all your favorite photos displayed in perfect arrangement for your space. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with your new title “Art Curator” check out these awesome gallery walls to inspire you!

Every home has one. A big empty wall that you just cant seem to find a solution for. An awkward corner, a vaulted ceiling, or a staircase can be REALLY challenging to decorate. So remember that big blank wall I mentioned (above our recently purchased Everett console table?) Well, I’m happy to report that not only is it not blank anymore, but it’s quite possibly my new favorite wall in the house!