30+ inspiration kitchen concrete countertop ideas 00021

There are special sealants out there formulated especially for concrete kitchen countertops. Without it, concrete can be prone to taking on stains and flaws. But with a sealant, concrete suddenly becomes resistant to a number of kitchen woes, like heat, stains, and water. Concrete might seem like an unusual choice for your kitchen, but given the right setting, its rustic, textured look can set just the right tone.

When the countertop has dried, take your sponge and put on the grout sealer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Concrete countertops are only one of many kitchen countertop alternatives to pick from. That’s where concrete comes in. Make it thick, thin, drop in natural stones or even fossils there are near endless possibilities. It’s not only a visually interesting material it’s a practical choice, too, praised for its strength and staying power. Or it can be pink.

Materials like marble and limestone can develop chips and nicks over time, and wood is incredibly prone to scratches. Although no countertop is immune to wear and tear, concrete tends to hold up better over time when it’s sealed. To start with you’d have to tear out the old laminate countertop and after that replace it using a sheet of plywood.