30 How to Style A Coffee Table

30 how to style a coffee table 00028

Almost every week a reader will email me a photo of some spot in their room where they have a side table, coffee table, mantel or bookcase and they are struggling to decorate it. However, once you look at the number of coffee table styles on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll start to notice a few similarities. No matter what they put there, it just looks off. I’ve had a ton of questions about styling both of my glass top coffee tables. I have a round one in the family room and a square one in the living room.

I love how that take up no visual space in a room especially since my rooms are not very large. They add they little touch of chic to any room. While I’m not the most amazing styler, I do have a few tips that I always rely on to create a vignette that I’m usually pretty happy with.

I absolutely love styling coffee tables, probably because they’re the living room’s version of the dining room table and I just love setting a table.So for today’s post, I am breaking down for you what I believe to be the essential elements to decorating a coffee table and how to assemble them. If you’re not already following these tips, I can promise you this is why your styling doesn’t look as good as it could be!