29+ Front Door Welcome Sign

29+ front door welcome sign 00020

Don’t answer the door if you don’t know who’s at the door. Make certain that it is big enough to boost the front door (or doors in case you have a double door entry). How cute will this WELCOME sign look on your front porch! Each sign is 6′ tall and 9.5″ wide. The letters W, E, L, C, M, and E are permanently fixed to the board but the shape in place of the “O” is able to be changed out with any of these cute shapes!

All the shapes come with velcro attached to the back for quick and easy changing. The steps that cause your front door are a tremendous portion of your house’s curb appeal. Also, in the event the front door consists of two panel sections, then they ought to be equal in proportion and color. Your front door is the principal portal to your residence. It should be proportionate in size to the home.

Using some left over pieces from an old weathered pallet, I created this welcome sign for my front porch. I found one of the back boards from the pallet I had recently taken apart. The only thing I did was sand it to get the rough edges off. To do this use a mixture of half wood glue and half water to seal the edges and a good coat of primer before painting. Make sure all materials you use for your welcome sign can handle being in the great outdoors.