29+ Cold Creative Loft Apartment Decorating Ideas

29+ cold creative loft apartment decorating ideas 00023

Most of the time the loft spaces are used for bedrooms, offices, libraries, reading rooms etc. The sky is the limit when tall ceilings meet compact floor plans. The homes featured in this post sacrificed some of their impressive height for the sake of gaining more usable square footage – and the results are pretty fun to admire. We have found lofts of many styles and sizes, so if you are building one, we have enough ideas to help you out finding the perfect layout for your personalized space.

There are plenty of ideas on our list, so you will probably end up with some beautiful pins on your board to inspire you into creating the coziest loft you can think of, and that is exactly what we aimed for with this gallery. Time out, should you live in an apartment or condo, or a house without a personalized fireplace, you can buy a fake fireplace.

Many of these interiors take the traditional approach by placing a bedroom in the lofted area, but others break the mold by using their newfound second floor for other purposes like a home office or library. While loft living isn’t a great solution for the stair-weary, it’s still a neat option for people who want to put their extra vertical space to work.