28+ Ways to Create a Beautiful and Comfortable Bed

28+ ways to create a beautiful and comfortable bed 00018

See to your mirror like a slice of furniture in your room, make certain it fits your design style after all mirrors now arrive in such many different shapes, sizes, and colors they really can develop into a part of the artwork in your room. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. Your bedding is a great place to infuse color, pattern, and luxury in your bedroom.

When you spend this much time in bed it’s worth your while to make it as comfortable as possible.  My philosophy has always been, spend the most you can afford on the things that come into contact with your body.  Creating a beautiful and comfortable bed is just a matter of a few good choices.

Start with the best bed sheets you can afford.  One hundred percent cotton is best because cotton allows air to flow and keeps your body more comfortable through the night. The type and quality of cotton will determine bed sheet comfort.  The best grades of cotton are Egyptian, Combed Cotton, Pima or Supima (registered and licensed).  There are also many cotton/polyester blends which are produced to reduce cost.  I have yet to find a cotton/poly blend I like. The type of cotton is usually identified on the label so look for one of these four.