28+ Vertical Gardening Inspiration

28+ vertical gardening inspiration 00019

The days are longer, the weather is warmer and spring is right around the corner. Whether you like to grow your own fresh herbs, plant beautiful flower gardens or simply want to add a pop of fresh greenery to your home, these DIY vertical gardens provide perfect space-saving growing opportunities. All you need is a blank wall or small outdoor area to create beautiful herb, flower and succulent gardens. Space Saving Vertical Garden Projects are perfect solutions to grow your plants for limited or no garden gardening.

Whether you live in urban area or not, gardening space is getting less and less especially with newly built houses. While vertical gardens do not require too much space which solves the problem most of us have. Be sure to join our Garden Community and get creative to make your own. Vertical herb gardens have a ton of benefits. To start off, they are an awesome way to save space while still growing your greens. These clever herb garden ideas take advantage of the vertical space you have outdoors that is going unused so you can grow an herb garden just about anywhere.

This vertical planter garden looks unique, it does requires some woodworking with bolts and nails. The final result is brilliant as all plants in box can enjoy the rain and sun. You can even customize it by adding wheels to move around. If you plan your vertical garden in a specific way you can create a gravity-fed watering system that uses every drop of water that you give your plants. Plus, to top it all off, vertical herb gardens are super stylish and makes wonderful natural d├ęcor! I love this modern design for a vertical herb garden. It looks like the herbs are framed as if they are lovely paintings.