28 Custom Teacher Desk Organizers

28 custom teacher desk organizers 00022

Teacher desk decor can range from super cute and personalized to nonexistent. There are few places that students don’t have access to. I want to respond with just one word. MAGIC. Because let’s be real, it’s kind of magical that you can take one of God’s greatest gifts to teachers – the STICKY NOTE -. If your classroom supplies budget is already at a negative balance, you will have to take more of a DIY approach to your decorations as opposed to heading to the nearest home furnishings store to buy your desk accessories.

And customize it however you want. Next, I actually pulled the boxes out of the drawer and replicated the same design on my worktable just so I had more room to work. First, we begin with the most important part of setting up the school year: classroom organization. With over 2 million hits on google for this topic alone, we know teachers are starving for ideas. We’ve honed some of the most inexpensive and easiest classroom organization ideas to implement this school year. You will also need plain cardstock in any color you choose and either scissors or a paper cutter. I didn’t end up using the ruler.

Once I figured out this magic trick there was no stopping me. So, do you want to maximize the space on your desk and have less frustration? Do you want to see beautiful tidiness on your desk so you can improve your productivity? After adding the ribbon to each can, I hot glued each can together. This part was a little tricky, but I figured it out and made it work. I am a sticky note printing machine. And those are your chance to make your space feel more like your home away from home. You can decorate and organize classroom bookcases and even your computer teacher desktop.