26+ Terrariums: Beautiful Enclosed Gardens You can Build at Home

26+ terrariums beautiful enclosed gardens you can build at home 00017

Terrariums are a great way to bring the joy of a garden indoors. In order to make your small garden to be the most beautiful detail into your home you have to work hard on creating the most appealing design and make it real. If you lack ideas check the pictures below, and adopt some of the following tips. Use moist, soil, moss, pebbles and decorative rocks to build your mini terrarium garden. You can plant some tropical plants, cacti and succulents inside. Add some other details like small animal figures, small furniture elements, and make a whole story and a whole miniature world inside the glass container.

Maintaining the plants within the container is easy. The best tool is a water mister set to stream shots of water into the plant’s roots, maybe a maximum of every 2 weeks. The trick is to make sure the roots are the ones receiving the water and not the pebbles. This detail sounds obvious but it is all about precision. Right spot, less water is better. Some succulents, such as Echeveria or Aeonium, are soft leafy plants. Even though they can tolerate extended periods of neglect, this may cause some bottom leaf drying. So, I watch my succulent wonders and work out the best watering routine.

In your space, temperature, lighting, and dry air will vary, so it may take the first few weeks till you find the perfect moisture needs for your Pebble Display living décor. The two Echeveria plants are the stars of the show. Tones of cool greens and blues are linked by the red accents on the leaves. In this workshop, The Black Mage Flower provides height at the back of the terrarium. When it grows too big, replace it with smaller pieces.