26 A Smarter Organic Garden Bed

26 a smarter organic garden bed 00004

Create a user-friendly organic victory garden and save money at the grocery store. Raised bed vegetable gardens are great for small areas and are easy to maintain. Most beginning gardeners I talk with plan to grow their vegetables in raised beds and for good reason! Why take the leap into vegetable gardening this year?

First, with the tough economic times, it’s important to cut corners on high food prices whenever possible while still keeping high nutritional standards. The garden season is already quickly upon me, and I knew that I really didn’t have the time to spend hours pulling weeds. So, I went in search of other ideas and decided that I wanted raised garden beds. I wanted them chemical free and made from a material that would last.

We thought that if we built the garden beds as a feature of the house then we were more likely to maintain it. This was based on permaculture principles (not that I knew this at the time), whereby your basic food needs should be as close to the back door as practical. Well, our patch was going to be at the main entrance, so even better. Everyone who visited it would see the wonder of our vegetable patch in all its glory!