25 Drawer Dresser Makeover

25 drawer dresser makeover 00021

The low furniture is considered a true space wonder. Socks, shirts, underwear or towels can be easily stowed away in the easily accessible drawers. The upper shelf is also practical. Solid legs with a woven design. Complete with a padded cushion just pair with any of our pillows to finish the look! Be it curtains or decoration pieces, there is a certain type of satisfaction that is achieved when you obtain some unique thing and get to place it in your home. I bought this 3 drawer dresser at an estate sale. It was missing the door to the cabinet side, but that didn’t matter.

These are the kinds of things I look past because you can work around them or Matt has built many doors for pieces like this so I wasn’t worried about it. The shape, size and storage this piece had out-weighed the missing door. That allows your house to stand out from the rest and obviously create an air of mystery and sophistication around your residence. If you really want you house to stand out from the rest make sure you pick out exclusive furniture.

Since furniture takes up a big portion of your house, make sure you pick them in styles that will surely wow your guests and onlookers. Pairs perfectly with the Jens Woven Windsor Chair. Often it is used to set up a television or to put books and magazines on it. If you want to move frequently and maintain a degree of flexibility, an oak chest of drawers is ideally positioned. After all, the high-quality models not only come out great in the bedroom. They also do well in the hallway and even in the living room.