24 Sofa Trends for Your Living Room

24 sofa trends for your living room 00018

Integrated environments do not always have to be so integrated. Often it is necessary to guarantee a certain privacy and to hide, even if softly, certain aspects of the environment. The top new trends have something for everyone. You can choose the tranquil, relaxing back-to-nature looks that see you incorporating earthy colours (hello, terracotta). And natural materials (think rattan and jute) or get creative with the maximalist vibe, from multicoloured rugs to mix-and-match soft furnishings.

And for this you do not need a hard and heavy concrete wall. A simple environment partition already solves the issue very well. Decorating a big living room can be pretty tough at times. Especially if you haven’t been in touch with the mainstream decorating trends. The success of the combination is obvious. Having been favoured traditionally and internationally in various ways. From Scandinavian style to Chinese and European ceramics.

Environment partitions are on the rise in residential projects, especially in small houses and apartments. In the cool living room, bleached or colour washed floorboards make an effective foils. Perhaps including a simple painted border line to bring in one of the room’s dominant colours. Alternatively for a sleek, modern interior, floor tiles would effectively promote the cool look. Most natural flooring is cold underfoot, but limestone and terracotta retain the ambient temperature. They are ideal for delimiting and dividing spaces without regret, and they also collaborate on the decorative and aesthetic aspect of the environment.