21 Awesome DIY Furniture Makeover Ideas

21 awesome diy furniture makeover ideas 00015

Before beginning to paint, use paint stripper and remove the old paint or using sandpaper of fine grade rub on the key surface to take out the paint. Work in a well ventilated area. Instead of trashing the old drawers, cabinets, headboards, coffee tableā€¦. away, you can turn them into a genius new DIY furniture without spending so much! As it is your diy work, to make the shabby furniture into shabby chic furniture, choose paint color of your choice, matching the other things in the room.

Remember to give two or three thin paint coats. Finally remove the masking tape carefully after ensuring everything is dry. Your distress over the furniture piece is eventually gone and you start loving this diy shabby chic furniture makeover. Sometimes a small change makes a big difference, like getting some new spray paint, upholstering with some fabric, adding new harswars and so on. If there are areas that are perfect, mask such areas using masking tape.

While, wipe other areas with a damp cloth so that dust is removed. Paint the furniture with primer and allow it to dry. A fresh coat of paint brightens up this old dresser. Take out the bottom two drawers to make storage space. Add small legs to the drawers to turn them into child-friendly storage boxes. If the furniture is a bureau, paint the drawer fronts and the bureau inside and leave to dry. Then do the outside part and allow it to dry.