20 Strikingly Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

20 strikingly unique christmas wreath ideas 00002

Did you know you could make your own Christmas wreath? Christmas wreaths add so much pleasure and whimsical interest to any home or office. Wreaths are easy to make because all you need are the supplies, the effort and your imagination. Are you a craft wiz or someone who wants to practice more DIY in the house? This Christmas, why not create your own Christmas wreath to hang for all your friends, family and neighbours to see? It’s perfect to do with your partner or if you’re in a festive mood. See our 20 strikingly unique Christmas wreath ideas below for inspiration.

When most of us think of front door wreaths we think circle, evergreen and Christmas. Wreaths come in all types of materials and shapes. They can be made from simple pine cones that you find in your front yard, fresh flowers that are picked from a garden or even peacock feathers that you special order. Hearts, triangles, stars and more can become a decorative wreath shape depending on the occasion that is being celebrated or the home that is being decorated. When creating a wreath the design limitations are only based on the patience and the creativity of the wreath maker.

Not the traditional kind of person when it comes to Christmas? Don’t worry! This felt wreath is perfect for sewing lovers. All you’ll need is a foam wreath, a sewing kit and some felt! This is one of the best Christmas wreath ideas! Traditionally, wreaths were made of evergreen. Each of these wreath types has its own special features for wreath making. They are displayable inside or outdoors, depending on their construction materials. You can even make Christmas wreaths for gift giving since nearly everyone has a soft place for such charming sentiments during the holidays.