16 Christmas Decorations from the Dollar Store

16 christmas decorations from the dollar store 00016

You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your house beautifully for Christmas. There are plenty of simple DIY projects you can make at a fraction of the cost of what you would spend on ready-made decor in the stores. If you’re looking for festive ways to decorate for Christmas on a tight budget, then you will be happy to see that I’m letting you in on some of my favorites. These decorations are unique and classy and will allow you to stay within your budget while letting your creative side show. I have to be honest it’s hard for me to watch people spend a ton of money each year on holiday decorations.

This is one of those DIY Christmas decorations that would look good either inside or outside. Personally, we get so much snow where we live that I think I would opt to use this as an indoor holiday decoration. Here’s is some inspiration to help you create beautiful Christmas decor on a budget using dollar store items! Some of these ideas may require a little crafting, but they’re all super easy and turn out adorable. Color coordinating during Christmas can be surprisingly difficult, especially on a budget.

In spite of there only being a handful of colors that are associated with Christmas, there are so many different shades that can trip you up if you aren’t careful. By creating your own DIY Christmas centerpieces, you will find that you are able to match things a bit better and more importantly save some extra cash. If you’d like more Christmas decor inspiration, then visit our Christmas mantels as well. I remember making these with my mom growing up.