15 Ideas for Highly Functional Traditional Outdoor Kitchens

15 ideas for highly functional traditional outdoor kitchens 00003

Outdoor kitchen plans are designed around having fun. Take the cooking outdoors! Enjoy the good weather and luxuriate in a number of the simplest tasting fire-grilled foods.

Start by placing your outside kitchen strategically in reference to the other backyard elements, like the patio, garden or pool. Consider all of them as if you’re planning a natural flow of traffic between “rooms.” Your outdoor kitchen plans should have a natural flow of space from the grill to the seating . Leave an open plan therefore the kids can wander to and from the pool as they get hungry or bored.

Easy access between the indoor and outdoor may be a smart idea, whether it’s through the patio door or maybe an open window. But importantly, don’t neglect the cook! Sometimes it’s easy to locate the grill in an isolated area for fear of smoke or fire. many modern grills have fans or exhaust to reduce the smoke, so be happy to style your outside kitchen island with many grill-side counter seating!

If you plan to host a mini bar outdoors, incorporating a fridge into your outside kitchen plans may be a smart idea. The fridge can keep the drinks cold and accessible; additionally , it’s handy for food prep. To expand upon the bar theme, add slightly of authenticity by incorporating beer dispensers, wine chillers, martini bars- maybe even an ice maker! check out outside kitchen plans online to urge a thought of the way to build an island to seat your thirsty friends and family. do not forget small touches, like a inbuilt opener or a towel holder, to offer your outdoor kitchen a “real” bar feel.

Most importantly, the trend within the past years has been to undertake to recreate the texture of a standard indoor kitchen to the outside . If this is often your intention, then an outside fridge may be a necessity. If you’ve got a fridge installed because you plan to organize food outdoors, a strategic setup for your outdoor kitchen plans would be to possess the sink and food preparation area between the fridge and therefore the grill; this may follow normal food prep process. Consider having a group of utensils and tools to stay strictly for outdoor purposes.

Outdoor kitchen plans nearly always include a grill. you’ll accompany the normal charcoal or gas grill, or maybe a hybrid grill. Hybrid grills tend to costlier , but the flexibility could also be well worth the extra cost. there’s even the choice of electrical grills. If you balk at this trend, consider the very fact that tastes are expanding.

People crave for versatility at the grill so as to accommodate the increase in popularity for Chinese, Indian, and other Asian cuisines. Also, the utilization of gas or electric grills mimics indoor cooking, thus expanding your outdoors cooking repertoire from steaks to fry . Prepare a standard lobster bake outdoors. Or install a wood oven. believe how pleased your kids are going to be to eat oven-baked pizza prepared and served pool side.

Of course, these fancy outdoor kitchen plans accompany a price. For more budget-friendly options, consider a transportable fridge or cart that you simply can transfer indoors or bent fit your purposes. check out pre-fabricated outdoor kitchen islands online. Concrete or brick could also be an inexpensive , cheaper alternative to chrome steel or tile. With some research into online outdoor kitchen ideas, you’ll design an outside kitchen to suit any budget and purpose.