15 Festive Christmas Staircase Decor Ideas

15 festive christmas staircase decor ideas 00003

We are fully embracing the Christmas spirit around here! Especially since we are also so excited and anticipating the arrival of our sweet baby girl! We’re adding touches of pink, nesting, lots and lots of laundry and Christmas baking. I love getting ready for Christmas, everything about it! Especially the family time that comes along with it! Liam has officially fallen in love with Christmas baking ever since I bought him train cookie cutters! He’s so cute waiting at the oven and then decorating each one to their final perfection! The joy on his face (and how proud he is) melts my heart!

Looking for a festive way to decorate your staircase this Christmas? We’ve got twelve awesome ideas for you! The most popular choice for Christmas staircase decor is typically an evergreen garland wrapped around the handrail, but you can take this traditional Christmas decoration and make it your own by adding silver ornaments or red ribbon bows, for example. We wholeheartedly approve of these awesome Christmas staircase decorations. Just be sure to space out your garland to make sure your family and guests can still hold on to the handrail if they need to!

There’s decoration all around the house that needs to be done. And, figuring out the right recipe to make this year’s Christmas better than last year. Despite the busyness that comes along, it’s actually one of the most enjoyable season of the year. All those hard work in the name of Christmas spirit will be all worth it when you see the smile of all your family members! Our aim is to help you with the idea part. So, this list of beautiful staircase decoration ideas will hopefully, assist your endeavor greatly. The good old Christmas socks can be a great idea to spread the holiday joy around the house. Combined with fake green vines will make your staircase look more gorgeous than ever.