15 Fabulous Summer Container Garden Flowers Ideas

15 fabulous summer container garden flowers ideas 00013

In case the container has no present drainage holes, make many holes in the bottom working with a drill. These flowering container garden plants are hard to kill and will thrive in container gardens in full sun. You may not have the space or patience to become a master gardener, but anyone can master container gardening. It’s a cinch—all you need is a container (a planter in true gardener speak), potting soil, some plants and you’re ready to go. Container flower gardening is a popular way to add beauty and color to your outdoor space.

But some people really struggle with choosing plants and arranging flowers in a container garden. All of these planters will make the deck feel more homogeneous with the landscape. Needless to say, using containers is a significant approach to create a garden where there isn’t one. You need to pick out a container big enough to handle them and make certain that you harvest them regularly when they start to produce to produce room for extra growth.

If you have a sunny spot on your patio, deck, or porch and or need an accent for a bright spot in your garden, a container garden is perfect for you. And contribute to the relaxing ambiance I am going for. I use mostly annuals in these locations because they bloom consistently all summer. And require little care except regular watering and fertilizer application. So I’m going to make it super easy for you! This post is all about flower pot gardening for beginners. Thinking of container gardening like this, it’s easy to see why container gardening ideas can be endless—so endless that you may need a few container garden ideas to point you and your pots in the right direction. They are also lovely and common enough to easily find. Just because they are common, does not mean you cannot make them look spectacular in the right container.